What’s the difference between the memberships?


All of the NFTs for sale are lifetime memberships to ZenAcademy. It’s possible that in the future I will release a yearly access token to the Discord, or to some other part of ZA; if I do this, it will be with extreme caution and mindfulness of the community and those that are already a part of it. I will elicit feedback from members, probably take a poll/vote, and do what I ultimately think is in the best interests of the community. My priority will always be to create value in this space; for myself, for newcomers, and above all, to those that believed and invested in me early.

Please note that there is no benefit in utility if you hold multiple tokens. Reasons to buy multiple: if you want to give a friend a nice Christmas gift, and/or if you want to speculate that the future value will be higher than the mint price. Reasons not to buy multiple: if you think that having 10 will get you 10 airdrops or entries in a giveaway in the event that we ever do those things, or if you think that having 100 will allow you to upgrade your access to the 333 or something. One token, one human, one membership, one set of rewards.

Please also note that while these tokens grant you access to the Discord server, I still withhold the right to remove someone manually if they are acting against the interests of the server - for example, anyone caught trying to scam others will be immediately banned. The nature of NFTs means that your token, so long as the community itself remains intact and valuable, can be re-sold on a secondary market if you do get banned, or if you find it is not the right fit for you.

ZenAcademy Membership: Genesis

Mint Price: 0.033 ETH

Mint Quantity: The drop will be an ‘open edition’, open for two weeks. This means that during this two week period, anyone that wants to mint one (or more) will be able to, at their leisure. This has the benefit of allowing people to mint when gas is low (hopefully), and avoids the need for a whitelist. There’s no rarities involved (all tokens are the same, using the ERC-1155 standard) and the ultimate scarcity will be determined based on however many get minted. After two weeks, minting will close, and these genesis lifetime memberships will never be available for public sale again.

What will this get you?

First and foremost, access to my Discord server. It was made private a few weeks ago for various reasons (security of the community being one of the major ones), and the easiest way to gain access now or at any point in the future will be to hold a ZenAcademy Membership Token. Consider my Discord server my base of operations - I spend a significant amount of my day in there, and will endeavour to continue to provide value to those that are a part of the community. There will be market analysis, research into upcoming (or existing) projects, as well as early access to my Newsletter given to those in the Discord.

That’s basically all I am promising. I think the price is quite fair at 0.033 for a lifetime membership. I have the ability to deliver more value to holders doing cool and interesting things in the future - and I do plan to - but I can’t and won’t promise anything specific. If the NFT space continues to grow, and if the Zeneca and ZenAcademy brands continue to grow, access to my Discord is likely to become a coveted and sought after thing.

ZenAcademy Membership: The 333 Club

Mint Price: 3.33 ETH

Mint Quantity: 333 with 320 available for sale via a whitelist and 13 withheld to be given away. See below for full disclosure on how and to whom these 13 tokens will be going to.

What will this get you?

Access to a private Discord server with only the 333 club members. Closer access to me, my attention, and my time. This is largely what I am selling. I’ll endeavor to spend a significant amount of my time helping those within the club, to an extent that is reasonable. If you’re launching an NFT project, I’ll be happy to jump on a call and offer some advice. If you want my thoughts on an upcoming project, I’ll spend some time researching it with you and give you my opinion.

Obviously if 330 members are launching a project next month and all want my advice, it is logistically impossible for me to work with everyone, even on a minor scale. One of the benefits of the whitelisting process for this club though is that I have been able to curate who to whitelist. At the time of writing this I have received over 1,400 whitelist applications. There are people from all sorts of backgrounds that want to be a part of this experience for all sorts of reasons. Some are looking to launch projects soon, some in the distant future; some just want a smaller group/community to discuss the space with, and others are looking to network with like-minded individuals.

I believe I am doing a good job of bringing together a community that will be rewarding to all involved, and I will do my best to foster an environment that everyone thinks is worth the admittedly high price. I understand 3.33 ETH is a lot of money. Believe me, it is not lost on me. I wasn’t even sure I was going to go ahead with this tier, but ultimately what pushed me over the edge was the fact that when I created my Google Form to find clients to consult/advise for, I got 80 responses in 36 hours. This is 80 projects that were willing to pay me 6% of initial sale revenue just for my advice. I then had about 50 more people reach out shortly after the form closed asking if they could still apply, or if I could just spend 20 minutes to look at their project.

People value my time, and the market has determined that it is valuable to the tune of thousands of ETH in a single day of opening up my advisory applications. I will do my best to make this tier worth it for those who buy it. I am once again not promising a lot - I can’t work miracles, and I should make it abundantly clear that I *will not* market, promote or shill your project simply because you hold this NFT. I’m not about that life, sorry. Please don’t buy it if you are expecting that, or even hoping for that. At best I will find out more about your project and if it’s fantastic and I love it, then I will probably want to get more involved. If not, I'll try and help you make it better.

If you’re interested in this tier then you can still fill out the Google Form here. I will be finalizing the first version of the whitelist soon and will publish the list in order to get confirmations from those that I chose to ensure that they’re still committed to buying the token. There will likely be some that don’t want to follow through, and so more whitelist spots will open up. If you are interested in buying a 333 Club NFT, please fill out the form and I will constantly be looking out for people to whitelist until the launch has finished.

ZenAcademy Membership: OG

Mint Price: Free for existing Discord members

Mint Quantity: Capped at however many active Discord members claim their role; currently it is at ~4,000

What will this get you?

This is a ‘less official’ membership than the other two tiers in that it doesn’t come with an NFT (...yet?), but instead is a way to ensure that those that supported me and found my Discord early enough don’t have to pay to stay. The benefits will largely mirror that of the Genesis membership, at least at the beginning. You’ll still get the same level of Discord access. However, if and when I want to do things to reward the holders of my NFTs, there are likely to be occasions where there are benefits to Genesis/333 Club holders that the OGs won’t be able to partake in. There is also just inherently more value to the NFT memberships as..they’re NFTs. You can sell them in the future - you can’t really/easily sell an OG role in the Discord. If you’re currently an OG member and are wondering if you should get a Genesis tier membership - know that there is unlikely to be any significant immediate value proposition; but if the Discord, and ZenAcademy continue to grow and evolve, there is likely to be increasingly more value for the NFT holders.

Last note - there will occasionally be special rewards exclusive to the OGs. These won’t take away from the other tiers, and they probably won’t be crazily significant. But I will always find a way to reward those that found and supported me early ❤️

Genesis Membership Giveaways

Given these are a lifetime membership, and will never be available publicly again, I am going to be withholding a decently large supply for future giveaways and promotions. Once again, I will be extremely mindful and thoughtful with the manner in which I give these away. I will never sell any of the ones I keep - they will all be given away in a slow, conscientious manner. Taking inspiration from Snowfro from ArtBlocks, I will create a special channel in the Discord where I disclose every token given away.

1000x reserved for future promos and giveaways

5x each to be airdropped/given to those that have helped the Discord thus far: the (volunteer) mod team

10x to the ten people that entered the emoji contest in Discord

13x to spontaneous Discord giveaways that occurred in the leadup to launch

1x for me

The 333 Club Giveaways

There will be 320 tokens available for sale via a whitelist, with the other 13 being airdropped to the people for the following reasons:

4x to the four people who helped create the smart contracts, audit/test the smart contracts, and build this website

3x to the three OGs that won a giveaway in my Discord for these tokens

2x reserved for another giveaway that will happen after the sale, anyone with a Genesis tier membership can enter

2x to the person who owns both of the NFTs from my charity project ‘work hard, play hard, give back’. When I launched that project I said that I would try and reward whomever won the charity auctions/owned the NFTs in the future. This is the first way that I will be rewarding the generous individual who won both pieces

1x to the saint that has automated my daily spreadsheets to perfection and saved me countless hours every week

1x for me